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Scalp MicroPigmentation... 
A Trending Hair-Loss Solution

It Works Better, Cheaper, and Faster Than Hair Transplants or Medication


I only have availability for a further 4 case studies.. Apply Today!!!

Typical Prices Before And After Discount:

Full Scalp Treatment = £2,000 £1,000 (£1,000 Saving!)

Top of head = £1,000 £500 (£500 Saving!)

Receding headline = From £350 £175 (£175 Saving!)

Scar coverage = From £300 £150 (£150 Saving!)

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Let’s assume you’re not that thrilled with your hair loss...
If you’re like so many others, embarrassing hair loss has severely impacted your self-confidence, your social life… maybe even your job and your future.

So you’ve considered doing something about it.

You’ve looked at all the options out there: transplants… hair system or wig… medical and nutritional treatments… you name it.

Nothing seems right. Or affordable.

But now, there’s a new option that has quickly become the choice of hundreds of thousands of people just like you.

You might not have heard of it yet.

It’s called “scalp micropigmentation” – and it’s a way to… 
Restore the Look of Having All Your Hair Back! 

After you get this procedure – which we’ll explain in a moment – you won’t believe how much better you’ll look and feel. 

You’ll glance at yourself in the mirror and swear all your hair is growing back!

That’s because it will look like all your hair follicles are in-place, healthy, vibrant, and growing.

In reality, the micropigmentation produces a clever, convincing optical illusion.

It gives you the appearance of having tiny hair follicles all over your scalp.

In other words, it restores the look of fuller hair.

How? It’s simple…

Your scalp will actually be covered with tiny dots of pigment deposited directly and strategically into your scalp. The pigment will blend in with your existing hair and scalp – giving you the most natural-looking appearance possible.

In other words…

Your Scalp Will Be a Work of Art! 

Our micropigmentation specialists are highly-trained in the art of applying the correct shade and amount of pigment in just the right places on your scalp – to simulate the existence of hair follicles where the old ones have died. 

With over 2,000 hair follicles per square inch on the human scalp, you can see why this procedure takes time.

It’s done over 3 different sessions – in 3 stages.

The first stage is like the “primer” you’d paint on a wall. It gives your scalp a “foundation” to build on.

The second stage is where we “fill in” the pigments from stage one. We use slightly darker pigments in this stage, and we make it all look indistinguishable from your natural hair follicles.

The third stage is where we touch up the outline of your scalp to make sure your profile is natural, not angular.

When completed, your hair loss will be camouflaged– and nobody needs to know.

After each stage, there’s some redness that fades within two days. Other than that, people won’t notice you’ve had work done. Not even your co-workers, friends, and colleagues. 

There are NO bandages to wear… NO special medications to take or creams to use… NO pain… and – best of all…

NO Big Price Tag!

It all depends on how much work you need done – that is, how much of your scalp needs to be treated.

But the treatment is surprisingly affordable.

As you know, hair transplants can cost as much as £30,000.

But since this is not surgery or a medical procedure – and non-invasive – it doesn’t come with all the high costs of the medical/cosmetic alternatives.

Yes, your micropigmentation procedure takes place in a professional clinic, but don’t let that scare you.

It does not come with a doctor’s high price tag!

Instead, prices range from £400.00 - £3,000

And right now, to introduce this new service to the local public, we are offering…

A Special Introductory Offer!

SAVE 50% off your procedure if you schedule your procedure within the next 90 days.
This gives you plenty of time to plan, prepare, and pay.

Again, your final price depends on how much work you need.

But since this procedure costs AT MOST £3,000 and with our Introductory Special, you can SAVE 50%...

You Won’t Find a Better Solution – at a Better Price – Anywhere!

Scalp Micropigmentation could be the solution you’re looking for.

Call  0161 7100071 or email us today at

We’ll schedule your consultation so we can make a complete assessment of how much work you need, and answer any questions you have about the procedure.

We’re even working on a special computer program that allows us to create a “mock-up” of how you’ll look!
The Benefits Of SMP..
scalp micropigmentation
  • It simulates a head of cropped hair
  • ​It restores hairlines
  • ​It can hide scars, burns and birthmarks
  • It can camouflage scars from hair transplants 
  • ​Helps improve the aesthetic effect of a hair transplant
  • ​It can help with alopecia
  • Rapid treatment recovery
  • Natural appearance 
  • ​Non-invasive treatment
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The Treatment Process...
After the initial consultations a typical full head treatment consists of...
Step 1
Your hair is cut and hairline carefully marked out.
Step 2
The scalp micro-pigmentation process begins with your hairline and then continues backwards.
Step 3
Extra density and texture is added over the course of 1 or 2 further treatments.
Meet Samantha,
Lead Practioner

Samantha is a mother of two amazing boys and loves to keep fit and active. She enjoys arts and crafts and is considered to be artistic. 

Samantha has the necessary qualities to perform Scalp micropigmentation which requires a steady arm and an eye for detail. 

She has learned her craft from the UKs leading teacher and practitioner of scalp micropigmentation.

As well as running the clinic for paying clients she is keen to continue to offer SMP treatments for free to cancer sufferers and those with heavy scarring from head operations.

Client Testimonials
We have plenty of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their SMP treatment...
"Having worn a hair piece for many years I decided to try SMP instead. I'm saving a fortune on maintenance and extremely impressed with my new look."
Jamie P
"Samantha has a calming nature and put me at ease immediately. I definitely recommend her if you're considering a full SMP treatment."
Mike S.
"I have lived with alopecia for many years. I finally  decided to go for a small treatment of SMP which has really improved my confidence."
Geeta P.
"The treatment was fantastic and not as expensive or as painful as I thought it would be. Samantha is excellent at her craft. 5 stars for hygiene also!"
Ste B.
Discounted Treatment Prices Are Available But This Is An Extremely Limited Time Offer..
I only have availability for a further 4 case studies.. Apply Today!!!
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